Your key strengths lie in your people and the nurturing and caring environment you provide. Investors In People report 2019


Teepee Day Nursery has a very clear culture. It has the feel of a small, family run nursery (because that’s what it is), but with the go-getting mentality and best practice of a much larger business.

Our vision is a day nursery where the team, the children and the parents are all happy. It’s an award-winning formula.


We believe that if we care for our team, we can care for the children better.

Our genuinely caring and supportive culture, with a highly experienced management team in a small, friendly set-up, has earned us a Gold Award from Investors in People.

Your people are very positive about the culture that exists within Teepee: 'It feels like a family,' 'It feels like more fun than work.' Investors In People report 2019


We work well as a team because we all share the same values. These include:

  • Passion: we love the job and go the extra mile
  • Consistency: we act consistently, so the children, parents and colleagues always know what to expect
  • Friendliness: this needs no explanation. You can’t be unfriendly and work with children!
  • Teamwork: we work as a single team of colleagues
  • Professionalism: we always act in a professional manner, in communications, in actions
  • Training & education: because we are teachers to the next generation, we make sure that we are always learning and mastering new skills ourselves.

It’s important that all our team share our values. A team of people who share a real passion for caring, nurturing and educating is the best team.

After all, we are doing the most important job in the world: looking after the next generation.

The nursery staff are all so kind, friendly, and have built great relationships with the children. You can tell how much they adore them. It feels like a home from home. Joanna, mother of [son]